Kevin Eldridge

Kevin Eldridge was born in Riverside, California. He now resides in Claremont, California with his wife, who is also a pilot. His interest in aviation started in high school when he was introduced to the Planes of Fame Air Museum in Chino, California. He eventually started working as a mechanic for the museum and Steve Hinton's Fighter Rebuilders, where he began restoring World War II aircraft. After obtaining his private pilot ticket, he continued to fly, earning his commercial license in a North American T-6 and instrument in the North American B-25 Mitchell. Also during this time, he graduated with a B.S. in Finance from Cal Poly Pomona.

Kevin has been flying warbirds for over 20 years and holds an unlimited license for "all makes and types" of high performance piston powered aircraft. He is also a Screen Actors Guild member and motion picture pilot, has raced in the unlimited division of the National Air Races and has flown a wide variety of warbirds and aircraft that range from the Luscombe to the F-86 Sabre.

Eldridge currently holds the position of Chief Pilot at the Planes of Fame Air Museum and is still involved in restoring vintage aircraft, having recently completing a 1947 Luscombe for his wife. Kevin is currently based in L.A. where he flies for a major airline.

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